Taste a Mother's Love

While most international travelers seek out popular and trendy restaurants, Chef Deborah VanTrece has always been more interested in learning about what the locals were eating at home. VanTrece always found uncanny connections between the types of dishes her own family enjoyed and the local food traditions she discovered while traveling around the world as a flight attendant.


It wasn't until she became a mother herself that she realized what that connection was... the one thing all these dishes all shared in common: a mothers love.


From the care that goes into the selection of the ingredients to the thoughtful preparations, this is food that nourishes the body and nurtures the soul. It comforts and reassures us. While Oreatha's is named after VanTrece's own mother, the restaurant is really a celebration of hard-working moms everywhere. The dishes are all inspired by different regions of the world, but all of them share one secret ingredient… a mother's love.